Irene’s Visit to NYC (2011)

As the storm Sandy is about to show her strength through the Tri-State area, I suddenly had a déjà vu to last year’s visit from a different lady: Irene.  She didn’t have as much to prove as Sandy, and although she caused destruction and fatalities, the consequences in New York City were luckily not as severe as initially predicted.  I hope all New Yorker’s stay safe & recover while Sandy “vents” and hopefully soon looses her power….

Here are a few photos from my stroll around midtown Manhattan & SoHo the day & evening before Hurricane Irene planned to visit.  All photos taken on August 26, 2011.

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Lost in Las Vegas

I did not really get lost in Las Vegas. Not literally. There’s only one main street in this area of the city – commonly referred to as the Strip – so either you walk in one direction, or you turn around and walk the other. Continue reading

Nostalgic New England

With a history going back to 1620 – when the English pilgrims first settled in todays USA –  the region of New England has a nostalgic ambiance where sitting on a waterfront patio with a glass of wine, just seems like the most natural thing in the world.

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Heavenly Havasu Part I

When researching the best hikes in the Grand Canyon, I came across an article written about the Havasu Falls. After seeing the photos of the stunning waterfalls located deep within the Grand Canyon in the Havasupai Indian Reserve – I knew this was where I wanted to go.

And so it was that “Hiking down the Grand Canyon to Havasu Falls” became an item on my Arizona Adventure Agenda (AAA if you may…).

It also became an item on my Most Craziest, Yet Most Rewarding Things I’ve Ever Done list.

It was like entering the Garden of Eden. It was Magical and Beautiful and Heavenly.

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An Afternoon Stroll in Scottsdale Arizona


I recently took an afternoon Saturday stroll in Scottsdale, Arizona. The weather was hot & sticky, but the scenery & atmosphere was still lovely.

The city is located in the Salt River Valley, or the “Valley of the Sun”, in the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.

The stroll consisted of chilling ice coffee, peaking in at cute stores around 5th Avenue, getting an insight into cowboy culture of the past in the Old Town, and seeing some fancy art galleries at the Art Walk. Continue reading