Ancient Vikings at Avaldsnes, Norway …and a really old church

St. Olav’s Church is a medieval church in Avaldsnes on the island of Karmøy, on the west coast of Norway. During the Viking Age Avaldsnes was an ancient centre of power for Viking Kings in Norway. Continue reading



Today – 22 July, 2012 – is one year since the attacks in Oslo and on Utøya in Norway.  The attacks where 77 people lost their lives, over 300 people were injured and an entire country received the news with shock, sorrow and pain. In honour of the victims of these terrible incidents, I am posting my favorite photos of Oslo.  This lovely city I called home for 10 years and hold so close to my heart.

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Sand at Sandvesanden Beach

Sandvesanden is a beach located on the large island of Karmøy – on the southwest coast of Norway – in the county of Rogaland. In case you want the coordinates, they are: 59°15′23″N 5°14′57″E 🙂

Sandvesanden is not a beach for those faint of heart. The North Sea makes the water cool & the air fresh! And if you listen closely, you might hear the roaring of Viking’s as they sail by in their ships. Or they used to anyway…. 🙂

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Fall Favorites


I love colors. Therefore, I love Fall. The season of orange, yellow, red and brown. Brown isn’t such a cool color on its own, but combined with an intense yellow, spicy red, dark orange and a touch of green, voìla! Brown just became a color worth writing about anyway…:)

In 2011, I was lucky to experience the seasons changing in places that provided awesome colors, including brown.

I took the following photographs in Kelowna, British Columbia (October 2011), and in Norway (September 2011). Viewing these photos, I’m already looking forward to the next seasonal change. I just hope summer jumps in before Fall arrives upon us once again… 🙂 Continue reading