Irene’s Visit to NYC (2011)

As the storm Sandy is about to show her strength through the Tri-State area, I suddenly had a déjà vu to last year’s visit from a different lady: Irene.  She didn’t have as much to prove as Sandy, and although she caused destruction and fatalities, the consequences in New York City were luckily not as severe as initially predicted.  I hope all New Yorker’s stay safe & recover while Sandy “vents” and hopefully soon looses her power….

Here are a few photos from my stroll around midtown Manhattan & SoHo the day & evening before Hurricane Irene planned to visit.  All photos taken on August 26, 2011.

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The Ferry to Vancouver Island

There is a large island located on the west coast of Canada, in the province of British Columbia.  The island is the size of a small country (32,134 km2/12,407 sq mi), so does not necessarily give the “island feel” one might expect!

The island is called Vancouver Island.  But the city known as Vancouver is not located here! I know…it gets confusing. Continue reading