Spectacular Spain Part I


Spain is to me, as is to many Europeans – especially the Northern Europeans called ‘Scandinavians’ – what Mexico, Florida and Arizona are to Americans & Canadians; A spectacular vacation HOT spot. Continue reading


Easter Escapes


This Easter we (as in myself and my better half) decided to explore the area known as the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. The valley stretches from the town of Sicamous to the US Border, where it continues as Okanogan County in the great state of Washington. Continue reading

Heaven & Hell in Haiti

In June 2011 I visited Haiti.  I spent four days driving around the streets of Port-au-Prince, and one day traveling by helicopter (yeah I know, lucky gal..!) to the northern town of Gonaïves.

The following pictures are from my time in this beautiful country, a place that sometimes made me think of heaven….and other times made me think of hell.

Next time you complain about your neighbour…..think about this picture…. Continue reading